Wireless remote

Wireless remote - PC Controller

Source code of this program is not available yet!

What’s new in version ( ?

  • Bug fixes
  • Improve performance
  • Faster server-client connection
  • Faster controllers
  • Update Settings page (mouse sensitivity)
  • New feature (send machine power status to client)
  • With a lot more of updates

*  Programs won’t require administrator rights (run as administrator)

How to use?


Server app

  • Download the latest available version of server app for windows OS
  • Follow installing instructions after downloading the app on your machine
  • Run the server app after installing to connect it to your mobile phone client app

Client app

  • Download the latest available version of Android client app from Google Store Play
  • Make sure both of your devices “server” & “client” are connected to same local network
  • Open client app on your mobile phone and search for your computer in available servers list, enter device IP address manually or scan QR code to connect your devices to each others
  • You are ready to go, enjoy the app 🙂


  • Automatic server detection on network
  • Connection options (auto, manual & QR scanner)
  • Simple & powerful user interface
  • Support auto login on app start-up
  • Fully simulated mouse & trackpad
  • Supports single and multi-touch mouse control
  • Multi-Touch gesture
  • Fully simulated keyboard (support all languages)
  • Enhanced Keyboard (function keys & shortcuts)
  • Support special characters & emoji
  • Media controller
  • Control computer power status & volume level
  • Get computer details & battery level
  • Cast desktop screen to mobile phone
  • Take screenshots of your desktop


Application Name

  • Wireless remote


  • (2021/04/07)


  • Wireless remote server
  • Tested on Windows 7/8/10


  • Control your computer mouse, keyboard and other functions from your mobile phone
  • Cast desktop screen to mobile phone & take screenshots of it


  • Ammar Almasri

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    Good to know:

    • Before you start make sure that both of your “server” & “client” are connected to same local network
    • The program uses TCP/IP socket connection over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity feature is not supported by the program yet
    • Some features require to edit system registry so keep in mind to run as administrator if you want to use those features
    • If you have a problem installing the program, try to remove the old version, then re-install it again
    • For other issues, please contact us using the contact form

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